1.    Platform: PlayStation 4
2.    Format: BO1 in Pre-Selection; BO3 in Semi-Final & Final
3.    Football Teams:
Opposing players cannot choose the same football team in a single game. In the event where the same team is chosen, such event shall be solved through a coin toss by a referee.
Players must choose from following team lists:


4.    In-game Match Settings:
The following settings must be selected from the General settings menu on the Match Menu screen for all games within events.

General Settings
Match Level: Super Star
Match Time: 10 Minutes (5 Minutes for play-off matches)
No. of Substitutions: 3
Player Emotions: OFF
Condition: Home Yellow Arrow
Condition: Away Yellow Arrow
Injuries: OFF

Stadium Settings
Stadium: Use team home
Time:    Night
Season: Summer
Weather: Fine
Length of Grass: Normal
Pitch Conditions: Normal

Camera Settings
Camera Type:    Dynamic Wide
Zoom:    2
Height: 2

Sound Settings
OFF (only MC, play by play)
Match Screen Settings
Radar Appearance: Bottom
Player Name Plate: ON
Colour of Radar Dots (Home): Default
Colour of Radar Dots (Away): Default
Power Gauge: ON
Cursor Display: ON
Stamina Gauge: OFF
Time/Score: ON
Display opponent player name: OFF
Set Piece Guides: ON

Game Speed Settings
Game Speed    0

5.    Other Rules
a)    Players can only use the official controller provided by the organizer or bring their own official controller. Do not use handles with extra features that affect the fairness of the match;
b)    Players must participate the match on time. In the case that the player fails to show up at the match time, the opponent will win with a score of 3:0. Online contestants must contact the referee 15 minutes in advance to inform them of their readiness. Offline contestants should arrive at the venue 30 minutes in advance to debug the equipment and inform referee of their readiness;
c)    Players have 5 minutes to debug the equipment, test the network status, and edit the lineup in Game Plan. If you have any questions, please contact the duty referee. If timed out, the duty referee has the right to make a judgement according to the situation.
d)    Prohibition of Wasting Time: Negative delaying the game, such as the goalkeeper’s hand control, passing ball in the backcourt, etc., may not exceed five minutes in 1 game. If the above behavior occurs once in the game, the player will be warned. If twice, the player will be punished as lose.
e)    In the case that the player wants to pause the game at live-ball status due to force majeure (controller failure), the player should ask the referee for permission to pause the game.
f)    In the case of a draw, Extra Time and Penalties of the match will be played to determine the winner.
g)    The 2 players who finish the game need to keep the final score interface and report the score to the referee after the end of a game. The opposing players need to sign to confirm the match result. In the case that any player has disputes about the result, he should inform the duty referee and the referee will judge the result according to the situation. Players must obey the final judgment of the referee. The result of the match is not valid without the confirmation of the referee.
h)    In the case that the interruption of the game is due to external irresistible factors (equipment failure), the game needs to be continued at the interruption time point.
i)    In the case that the game is interrupted, opposing players can negotiate whether to continue the game from the interruption time point or use the current score as the result of the match.
j)    – Players can pause the game to adjust the team lineup or replace the injured player. (See “Rules for Pause”)
6.    Rules for Pause
a)    Each player can pause 3 times in all in each single game. The pause must be used for Game Plan;
b)    Players can pause the game only at dead-ball status;
c)    In summary, players can pause the game to make changes in Game Plan.