Game Mode: Standard Mode

Win/Loss Condition: Blood volume turns to zero or surrendered.

Match version is the latest pitch, all of cards are allowed to use.

Match Rules

Conquest Mode Introduction

a). Conquest 2: Must to use two different decks defeating the opponent to win the game.
b). Conquest 3: Must to use three different decks defeating the opponent to win the game.
c). Any deck that is victorious can no longer be used. Another deck must be chosen.
d). Any deck that is defeated may be played again, or another deck may be used.
e). Players will be told about possible class the opponent will use. However, this choice is hidden to their opponent before both sides finish deck selection.

Deck Check

a). The Organization Committee can determine if deck lists need to be turned in according to match phase.
b). Once deck lists turn in, they are locked and not allowed to change without Organization Committee’s permit.
c). Deck lists must be turned in in semi-final phase.

Pitch and Bug

a). Match Version update: Latest Game Pitch has been taken for the match, players are allowed to use new heroes and cards.
b). Game bug: Bug in latest pitch is not allowed to use, the official has the right to prohibit heroes or cards that will cause bug.

Tie Game

If both sides die together while last class for both sides have not been used, both sides share triumph. If one of any sides is using last class, then the game re-starts and both sides are not allowed to change class.


a). If a player is able to kill the opponent, then this player wins.
b). If a player has an obvious advantage but cannot kill the opponent in one round, the referee has the right to judge this player wins.
c). In other situations, the game needs to be re-started.